Fire service called out to A565 Burning car causes long traffic jams around Bonn

Bonn · A kilometres long traffic jam formed on the A565 on Monday morning. A car caught on fire on the North Bridge in front of the Bonn-Nordost motorway junction.

Drivers have to be very patient on the A565 motorway on Monday morning. Motorway police told the GA that a car caught on fire in the right-hand lane on the North Bridge towards Beuel at around 6.55am. The car was completely destroyed by the fire.

There have been severe traffic disruptions all morning because of fire brigade and police operations and the traffic is backed up several kilometres. Police said vision on the motorway was also impaired by smoke. The car is to be towed after being put out.

Police said no other vehicles were involved. According to initial information, no one was injured. Fire service operations on the A565 have also caused traffic to back up on the A555 in front of the Bonn-Nord junction.

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