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Universität/Markt stop: Burning leaves extinguished in Bonn city center

Universität/Markt stop : Burning leaves extinguished in Bonn city center

A fire broke out at the underground stop "Universität/Markt" on Wednesday evening. The Bonn fire department was on the scene with several vehicles.

On Wednesday evening, a major fire emergency took place at the underground station "Universität/Markt". According to eyewitness reports, there was strong smoke accumulation in the underground around 8 pm. According to the fire department, leaves had caught fire in a ventilation shaft.

The fire department was alerted both by emergency calls from passers-by and by an automatically triggered smoke detector. After determining the source of the fire, firefighters extinguished the burning leaves. As well, technical rooms adjacent to the shaft were ventilated manually.

Services at the underground metro were not interrupted during the fire emergency. Nobody was injured.

(Orig. text: ga.de; Translation: ck)