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One person injured: Bus and tram collide on Kaiser-Karl-Ring

One person injured : Bus and tram collide on Kaiser-Karl-Ring

On late Tuesday afternoon at around 4:30 pm, a city bus and tram collided on Kaiser-Karl-Ring in the northern part of Bonn city. One person was injured in the accident.

A bus from line 600 and a tram from line 61 collided on late Tuesday afternoon on Kaiser-Karl-Ring in north Bonn. One passenger was injured in the accident, which occurred at around 4:30 pm. Police closed off the area between Chlodwigplatz and Wilhelmplatz while the accident was being investigated. Service on line 61 was interrupted during this time, and there were some delays in local traffic.

Police officers at the scene reported that the tram had turned onto Kasier-Karl-Ring from Kölnstraße and the articulated bus was driving in the opposite direction. The vehicles collided while taking the curve. According to police, the bus driver had apparently taken too tight a curve and came too close to the tram. Two windows were broken in the bus during the collision and one passenger suffered minor cuts.

Both vehicles were driven away after the accident investigation was completed. Passengers were transferred onto other buses and trams.

(Orig. text: ga.de, Translation: ck)