New tenant for Godesberg pastry shop Café Schöner will be called „Bonnerie“

Bad Godesberg · The famous Black Forest cherry cake will remain on the menu, no need to panic. But otherwise, there will be a lot of changes until the opening.

It was an end of an era in Bad Godesberg (at least partially): On Easter Sunday, Christa and Rudi Schöner opened their café at Fronhof 7 for the last time. Then, the rooms diagonally opposite the Redoute were emptied. But there is also good news: On the one hand, Schöner will continue to be active in the bakery at Brunnenallee 10. Also, a successor has been found. The 43-year-old gastronome Metin Kocatepe takes over the café, which is to be opened at the beginning of June under the name „Bonnerie".

Until then, a lot has to be done, the rooms will be overhauled. "The café will be turned upside down completely," summarises Kocatepe. Ceilings and floors will be renewed, the ageing interior will be replaced by French style furniture and industrial design, says the 43-year-old. The terrace, which seats 80 guests (as many as in the café), will also be renovated. A six-figure sum will be invested, says Kocatepe.

The breakfast will be continued, and Rudi Schöner's creations will also be offered at the Bonnerie. Also, a stage for cabaret will be installed in the future, says Kocatepe. The programme has not yet been decided, but the 43-year-old already has ideas. There could be theatre, comedy, and concerts as well as readings and discussions.

Opened in 1953

The fact that his creations continue to be sold at Am Fronhof 7 and that he continues to make cakes and pastries to order makes it easier for Schöner to say goodbye. "It's a change, and it's hard for me," confesses Schöner, who is turning 65 this year. "It's good that I have the bakery. I can't imagine retiring." In any case, he cannot complain about too little work. "At the moment it's as much as before." Which is probably also due to the fact that the number of staff has shrunk to one trainee and two temporary workers. But when the bakery has been revamped, the hustle and bustle will give way to a certain calmness, there will be more time remaining, Schöner is sure, to develop new products for example.

But that doesn't mean that the old recipes disappear for good. For example, the famous Black Forest cherry cake, which was invented in Bad Godesberg, will continue to exist. Josef Keller, an assistant confectioner from Riedlingen, developed the idea for the cake in Café Agner. Schöner senior, who was active there in the 1950s, adopted the original recipe and passed it on to his son. What’s so special about it? In the Black Forest version, the majority of the cake consists of Kirschwassersahne. Although the original also contains alcohol, the main ingredient is chocolate cream, Schöner reveals. "It is thus not so alcohol-heavy, but Kirschwasser belongs into it, naturally.“

The history of the Schöners in Bad Godesberg is long. In 1953, Elvira and Rudolf Schöner senior opened their first café on Koblenzer Straße - in the immediate vicinity of today's Post Office. 13 years later they moved to Brunnenallee, where the bakery is still located. In 1977 the company moved to the rooms Am Fronhof. Just this year his son Rudi returned to Bonn and entered the family business. 1986/87 he took over the parental café completely. His wife Christa has been with him for 30 years, to whom he has been married for 35 years, they have two daughters.

Contact: Confectionery Schöner, Brunnenallee 10, 01 75/8 82 83 46,

(Original text: Ayla Jacob, Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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