Video surveillance Cameras to be installed at Bad Godesberg station

Bad Godesberg · Federal police have changed their minds and now want to install video cameras in the renovated railway station.

It has long been discussed whether the train station at Bad Godesberg should be equipped with video cameras or not. Although police were still saying a few weeks ago this would not be recommended, they have now changed their mind. The police have told the General Anzeiger that cameras will be installed once the renovation works are completed. Deutsche Bahn and the police will jointly decide on the number of cameras and their locations.

As previously reported, Deutsche Bahn is extending video technology at railway stations. It and the Federal Ministry of the Interior have developed a ten-year programme: by 2023 video technology at railway stations will be modernised and extended at a cost of Euro 85 million. The federal police decide which stations are chosen and, until now, Bad Godesberg was not on the list.

The change in situation is partly down to the tenacity of the CDU, who were not happy with the refusal of the video camera initiative and broached the subject several times with the head of Bonn’s railway management. He asked the federal police headquarters to review the situation again, with success. The people of Bad Godesberg will therefore soon be able not only to enjoy a renovated station, but also one kitted out with video cameras.

Federal police say the installation of video cameras in railway stations improves security. They deter potential offenders, help to identify criminals and increase the feeling of safety among passengers. (Original text: Ayla Jacob; translated by Kate Carey)

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