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Nice Spots: Campgrounds near the waterside in Bonn and region

Nice Spots : Campgrounds near the waterside in Bonn and region

Camping holidays are increasingly popular, and there are some nice spots in and around Bonn. If you just want to spend a night in the great outdoors close to home or if you plan a camping trip around here - here’s where you can pitch your tent.

Camping is totally in this summer and there are lots of possibilities to find a spot in nature, and at the same time be not too far from the city. We introduce you here to a number of campsites which are close to rivers or lakes. Because of their locations, they are not only suitable for exploring the region, but are also attractive as short getaways for those who want to escape the city for a weekend.

Genienau campgrounds in Mehlem

This is a very good camp site for people with caravans and camper vans, and it offers a great view of the Drachenfels from its location near the banks of the Rhine.

Price for an overnight stay: 6 euro/adult, 4 euro/children, plus 3 euro/car, 4-10 euro/camper van or 4-8 euro/caravan. A space for a tent costs between 3 and 6 euro.

  • Info: 0228/344949
  • Address: Im Frankenkeller 49, 53179 Bonn

Siegpark Hennef

If you want to explore the river Sieg, the nature in the Sieg valley and the surrounding towns, this is the campsite for you. Very childfriendly and offering spaces for caravans, camper vans and tents, also with power and water supply. The restaurant right beside it, the Landgasthaus Siegstrand offers traditional German food.

  • Price for an overnight stay: 6 euro/adult plus 4 euro/tent or 10 euro/caravan or camper van
  • Info:www.siegpark-hennef.de and at 0171/212 0 679
  • Address: Mahrberg 50, 53773 Hennef-Lauthausen

Happach campgrounds

This place is perfect for a stop-over for hikers, canoeists and cyclists. Directly located beside the river, hiking and biking paths, it is a good place for relaxing in nature. Both short and long-term campers are welcome here.

Price for an overnight stay: 9 euro/adult, plus 3 euro/caravan or 2 euro/tent. So-called “camping barrels” are for rent for people arriving without their own tent or camping van.

Jansen campgrounds

Surrounded by forrest and meadows, campers can relax on this camping site while watching their kids on a playground and enjoying food at the restaurant. Shopping facilities are also nearby.

  • Price for an overnight stay: 5 euro/person, camper van 6.50 euro, caravan 7 euro
  • Info:Internetseite or at 02246/6681
  • Address: Höngesberg 27, 53797 Lohmar

Auf dem Salmenfang

On the banks of the Rhine, at the foot of the Siebengebirge (Seven Mountains), this is where guests sleep when they visit the campsite "Auf dem Salmenfang". There are 100 spaces for tents and caravans, some directly at the riverbank. A beer garden, barbecue areas and restroom facilities are also at this site.

  • Price for an overnight stay: 20.50 euro (including two adults, car and camping van)
  • Info: open from May 1 until October 31, more info at 0163/2657797 and www.salmenfang.de
  • Address: Mühlenweg 56, 53619 Rheinbreitbach

Altenahr campgrounds

This campgrounds is located directly on the Ahr River and at the border of a wine-growing village. The camping site has spaces for 180 tents or caravans, whether short or long- term campers. A restaurant, kiosk, playground and an area for teenagers make this a good place for a weekend trip - plus it’s only half an hour away by car (an hour by train).

  • Price for an overnight stay: 9.50 euro/space (caravan with car), plus 4.50 euro/per person. A space for a tent costs 7 euro/night (incl. car).
  • Info:www.camping-altenahr.de and at 02643/ 8503
  • Address: 53505 Altenahr

Rheincamping Siebengebirgsblick

It’s all in the name: Here, you wake up not only close to the Rhine but with the Siebengebirge (Seven Mountains) in sight, at the foot of the Rolandsbogen, near Bad Honnef. It is open from April until October 20. Barbecue areas, a dock for boats and lots of opportunity for fun and games complete the list of things to do here.

  • Price for an overnight stay: 7 euro/adult, plus 3 euro/car or 4 euro/caravan. A space for tents costs between 3.50 euro and 9 euro
  • Info:www.siebengebirgsblick.de or at 02228/910682
  • Address: Wickchenstraße, 53424 Remagen-Rolandswerth

Heider Bergsee

This family owned camping site in Brühl is located in the middle of the nature park Rheinland, directly beside the swimming lake Bergsee. Besides the beach, there is also a restaurant and a small shop.

  • Price for an overnight stay: 4.50/adult, 3.50/child, plus 6-8 euro/caravan or 5-10 euro/tent
  • Info:www.heiderbergsee.de or at 02232/27040
  • Adress: Heider Bergsee, 50321 Brühl

Eifel Camp

Very close to the beach at Freilinger Lake, here you can choose from between 100 spaces for tents or caravans. They are available for short or long-term campers. Boats and surfboards are allowed on the lake. There are barbecue huts, a kiosk, a playground and a skate park. The campground is open all year long and is a one hour drive from Bonn.

  • Price for an overnight stay: 7 euro/adult, 5.80 euro/child, 10 euro/caravan, 3.80 euro/car, 7-9 euro/tent
  • Info:www.eifel-camp.de and at 02697/282
  • Address: Am Freilinger See 1, 53945 Blankenheim-Freilingen

Camping Laacher Lake

This camping site is near the abbey in Maria Laach, and at the Lacher See (Lacher Lake). It is open all year round and has 190 spaces for tourists. There are also play areas for children, a restaurant and wifi. Parties are not allowed here, this is more of a quiet place for relaxing and enjoying nature.

  • Price for an overnight stay: 8 euro/adult, 4 euro/child, 8-14 euro/camper, 5-11 Euro/caravan, 4 euro/car, 7-11 Euro/tent
  • Info:www.camping-laacher-see.com and at 026 36 / 24 85
  • Address: Am Laacher See, 56653 Wassenach

Viktoria Station

Amidst vineyards and castles, surrounded by forrest, lies this camping site. Modern shower facilities can be found here. Several terraces are perfect for a relaxed time-out, while the children play at the playground. The river is suitable for swimming and fishing. It is open from Easter until October 31.

  • Price for an overnight stay: 4.90 euro/adult, 3.50 euro/child (4 to 13 years of age), 1.90 euro/dog, 8.50 euro/camper van or car plus caravan. 7.50 Euro/tent and car
  • Info: 02643 / 8338 and here.
  • Address: Camping Alte Mühle 1, 53505 Kreuzberg/Ahr

"Am Blauen See“ campgrounds

This site is located in the Siebengebirge (Seven Mountains), beside a swimming lake called the Blauen See (Blue Lake). There is space for 90 long-term and 10 short-term campers. The big lake is open for swimming. There are special areas for children, with a diving board and a water slide. About 600 persons can be accommodated on the sunbathing lawn. The campgrounds are open all year long.

  • Price for an overnight stay: 3.50 euro/adult, 2.50 euro/children until age 16, 7 euro/space for a small tent, 10 euro/large tents and camper vans
  • Info:Siebengebirge.com or at 0171 5537970 and on Facebook.

This is a list of camping sites in and around Bonn, which does not claim to be complete nor follow objective criteria. It is not a ranking of any kind. The order is random.

(Orig. text: Marcel Dörsing; Translation: ck, ga-English)