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Repairs are taking weeks: Can the electrical control panel in Bonn's Maximilian Center be fixed?

Repairs are taking weeks : Can the electrical control panel in Bonn's Maximilian Center be fixed?

The Maximilian Center in Bonn is still closed following storm damage which knocked out the electrical system in the shopping complex. The owner reveals that repairs will still take weeks. Only in the course of the work will it become clear whether the electrical control panel can still be salvaged.

The Maximilian Center at Bonn Central Station remains closed for the time being. As reported, water had penetrated the building control system during a thunderstorm two weeks ago, causing the shopping center's central power supply to fail.

A spokeswoman for the Bayerischen Versorgungskammer, which owns the multi-story shopping center said that it would probably take awhile until operations could be resumed. In the meantime, there is a plan for (provisional) repair of the damage, in particular to the main power supply of the building, which has been severely affected. The intention is to carry out extensive special cleaning of the contaminated and silted control panel, and then fix defective components in the system.

The company specializing in this type of cleaning is scheduled to begin the work on Monday. It is expected to take several days to complete. "However, we will only know for certain during the cleaning efforts as to whether the building can be put back into operation following the cleaning and repair work, but we are currently assuming that this will be the case," the spokeswoman said. In parallel, disposal, cleaning and drying companies will continue to work on clearing the structurally damaged areas. The expected reopening of the shopping center will be possible "in three weeks at the earliest".

The situation was somewhat different with the above-ground areas of the Primark clothing store, whose commercial spaces were technically mostly self-sufficient due to a separate power supply and a large part of the stand-alone technical systems being on the roof of the building. Primark was forced to close due to interfaces in fire protection and safety technology and the systems of the building as a whole. But a transitional power supply will most likely be established, so that Primark can resume operations somewhat earlier, providing it has an official permit.

Orig. text: Rüdiger Franz

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