Eight injured in car accident Car drives into group of pedestrians in Bad Godesberg

Bonn · A car driver lost control of his car on Rüngsdorfer Straße and drove into a group of pedestrians. Eight people were injured in the accident on Wednesday morning.

Police said the car ran into the group on the pavement near the Bad Godesberg railway station at around 1.28am. One young person was seriously injured and seven people suffered slight injuries, including the driver.

The 20-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle on the wet road and ran his car into the footpath where there was a group of young people. There were two female passengers in the car, aged 19 and 20. Both were suffering from shock because of the accident.

Two ambulance crews treated the injured. The youth who was seriously injured was taken to a nearby hospital.

A breath test on the driver showed a blood alcohol reading of 0.73 parts per thousand and the police took him to the police station in Bad Godesberg and arranged for a blood test there. The 20-year-old’s driving licence was removed. His vehicle suffered several thousand Euros worth of damage. The police secured it for evidence purposes. It was no longer drivable and a towing company came to the scene of the accident.

Original text: general-anzeiger-Bonn.de. Translation: Kate Carey.

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