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Rose Monday in Bonn: Carnival enthusiasts enjoy parade despite weather

Rose Monday in Bonn : Carnival enthusiasts enjoy parade despite weather

Bonn’s largest Rose Monday Parade attracted thousands of “Jecken” despite the stormy weather. Here's a look at it all in photos and video.

Those who wanted to see the Rose Monday procession in Bonn needed three things: more than two and a half hours, an umbrella for the ten-minute downpour and stamina. Those with a hat would also have been well-advised to attach it with a cord under their chin so that the wind would not blow it away. The weather certainly played a role in spectators leaving a bit early here and there. But the mood was not affected and parade-goers and participants alike remained relaxed.

“Every person is a gift”

"The weather is like us: stormy and sunny", said Prince Thomas I, who with Bonna Anne-Christin I threw Gummi Bears to the people without end. "It is indescribable. I am simply speechless," said the Bonna about the crowd.

The 130 “Narren” of the Lebenshilfe charity had packed themselves as yellow-blue presents for their 60th anniversary festival and came with a huge cake on their wagon. "Every person is a gift," commented spokeswoman Susanne Land about the idea. They wanted to promote inclusion. Those who could not walk were driven in a bicycle rickshaw.

The UN does carnival

In such a rickshaw sat Universa Adriana I. (Valenzuela) of the 40 blue "UN-Funken" from 20 different nations. But they did it all in green: it is thanks to them that the Rose Monday procession was climate-neutral. The UN carnival enthusiasts had bought certificates for several hundred euros in order to " neutralize CO2 emissions" according to treasurer Melita Kolundžic-Stabile. The money flowed into a biomass power plant in India, which produces green energy as compensation for the tractor smoke in Bonn.

The president of the festival committee, Marlies Stockhorst, and the Malente family had brought celebrities from Bonn's Theaterpalast on board: Knut Vanmarcke and Dirk Vossberg-Vanmarcke were delighted with the trip through Bonn - "like crazy". The GOP and their ensemble on the inflatable guitar made us want to see the new show “Rockstar".

There was lots of live music along the way. Sibbeschuss sang "Ich weiß, woin ich jonn" ("I know where I'm going"), for which no clairvoyant abilities were needed on the fixed parade route to Münsterplatz and Markt. Cavy Basement from Ramersdorf not only energized the countless athletes of the Bonn Rowing Club - also 100 years old, by the way. In 1980s neon tracksuits, the sports club of the Federal Ministry of Research displayed daring accents, and one of the group wore a carnival cap worth seeing, decorated entirely with bronze coffee pods.

The bottom line about the Rose Monday procession: Et wor ne richtig schöne Zoch! It was a really beautiful parade!

(Orig. text: Richard Bongartz / Translation: ck)

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