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People surveyed on carnival: Carnival fans are in the minority in Germany

People surveyed on carnival : Carnival fans are in the minority in Germany

The so-called “fifth season” - carnival time - begins officially on November 11. But not everyone is enthusiastic about the parades and carnival customs. A recent survey on carnival also asked about flirting.

Carnival enthusiasts are only a minority in Germany. Only 28 percent of those surveyed fell into the category of carnival fan, while an equal 28 percent of those surveyed were against carnival. According to the representative inquiry by opinion research institute YouGov, 41 percent of those surveyed were indifferent about carnival. And only 12 percent wanted to celebrate actively on November 11. During the height of carnival season, in the week before ash Wednesday (28 February to 5 March), 21 per cent plan to take part in carnival celebrations.

Carnival opponents are particularly disturbed that it’s all about drinking (60 percent), that people behave too silly (48 percent) and that the exuberant mood is too artificial or exaggerated (48 percent). 43 percent criticized that the streets were littered with trash afterwards and 42 percent said they did not want to dress up in carnival costume.

Carnival fans especially like the high-spirited atmosphere, which is a great contrast to everyday life (63 percent). Watching a street parade is also a lot of fun (54 percent), and 48 percent think the music at carnival time creates a good mood.

Only a small minority of carnival fans particularly like the “fifth season” because it is a good time to flirt (14 percent). In this respect, the majority of interviewees who live with a partner or are married, were conservative in their responses: Only 23 percent agree with the statement "I can flirt with others during carnival, even if I am in a relationship". A large majority (66 percent) felt that this was not acceptable.

And when it comes to sex, the picture is even clearer: When it came to the statement "In carnival season, I can have sexual intercourse with others, even if I'm in a relationship," only 6 percent found this to be acceptable while 85 percent said it was not.

(Orig. text: dpa; Translation ck)