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Forecast for Bonn and the region: Carnival Weather

Forecast for Bonn and the region : Carnival Weather

Wednesday brought a temperature record in Bonn. But from Thursday on some clouds will also appear in the region.

The weather god doesn't seem to be a „jeck": Just in time for the carnival weekend, the beautiful spring-like weather could be over for the time being.

After a sunny Wednesday with almost 20 degrees (the warmest February day in Bonn since 1895, the carnival party people can expect a mix of sun and clouds on Weiberfastnacht, according to the German Weather Service. If it should be still slightly cloudy in the morning, the clouds will become ever denser throughout the day. After a probably dry day in Bonn and the region with temperatures of more than 15 degrees Celsius and partly windy gusts, rain can be expected in the night to Friday.

On Friday it will remain mostly cloudy, the sun only rarely to be seen. It might rain lightly, the temperatures climb to only ten degrees. During the nights the temperatures will drop to freezing point. The weather will hardly change at the weekend. The temperatures rise up to 13 degrees, but most of the time it will remain cloudy.

While on Saturday the sun is still supposed to show itself sporadically, on Sunday it will hardly be seen according to the forecast. The sky will also remain overcast during the Rosenmontagparade in Bonn. At maximum temperatures of about ten degrees it willremain mostly cloudy, with light wind and occasional light rain.

Current weather information is available on www.ga.de/wetter. Also, thunderstorm warnings are available at www.ga.de/wetterwarnungen. Original text: GA Bonn Translation: Mareike Graepel