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Motorway junction Bonn/Siegburg: Cars collide on A560 and crash into embankment

Motorway junction Bonn/Siegburg : Cars collide on A560 and crash into embankment

Two cars collided on Wednesday evening on the A560. The drivers were injured. According to witnesses, the reason for the collision at the Bonn/Siegburg junction was a third car that had abruptly changed lanes.

Two people were injured on Wednesday evening when two cars collided on the A560 motorway at the Bonn/Siegburg junction. They were taken to hospital with minor injuries, according to the local fire service. According to the report, the two vehicles - a BMW and a Mini - were heading towards Hennef on Wednesday evening.

The driver of the Mini came from the direction of the A3 and was still on the acceleration lane. The BMW was driving in the left lane. According to witnesses, a car behind the Mini was then said to have pulled to the left in front of the BMW driver with a swing and caused him to brake suddenly.

It swerved and collided with the Mini at the level of the motorway junction. Both cars skidded and crashed into the embankment. According to the police, the suspected cause of the accident was still at large on Wednesday evening.

In order to secure the accident site, the fire brigade was on site with 20 firemen in the evening. The motorway in the direction of Hennef was only closed in one lane in the evening. Traffic was moving and the investigation was ongoing.

(Original text: GA Bonn, Translation: Mareike Graepel)