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More than 10,000 euros damage: Cars vandalised in Bonn’s Weststadt

More than 10,000 euros damage : Cars vandalised in Bonn’s Weststadt

Unidentified vandals caused over 10,00 euros worth of damage on Saturday night. The criminals went on a wrecking spree in Bonn’s Weststadt and caused damaged to eleven cars. Police are searching for witnesses.

On Saturday night, unidentified persons went on the rampage in Bonn's Weststadt, damaging a number of cars in the area. According to the police, witnesses reported two suspicious persons on Richard-Wagner-Straße who were tampering with cars at around 1 a.m.

During the search initiated in the vicinity of the crime scene, the officers discovered two youths, a 19-year-old and a 21-year-old, who were considered suspicious, and took down their personal details.

According to police, the vandals damaged a total of eleven vehicles, including eight cars on Richard-Wagner-Straße and three on Haydnstraße. The police estimate the damage caused by the ripped off wing mirrors and damaged paintwork to be over 10,000 euros.

Witnesses who can assist the investigation are asked to contact the police on 0228 15-0.

(Original text: GA, Translation: Caroline Kusch)