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“Babylon Berlin” to be filmed in Bonn: Casting invitation for locals

“Babylon Berlin” to be filmed in Bonn : Casting invitation for locals

So you’ve always wanted to be in the movies?Auditions will be held Sunday for a major film series being shot in Bonn and the region.

Gangsters, train robbers and soldiers: More than 600 roles need to be filled for extras and actors with bit parts for the historical TV series “Babylon Berlin.” Filming will begin end of September in Bonn, Königswinter, Zülpich and Duisburg. A three-hour casting will take place on Sunday, September 18 in Bistro “Startblock” at Sportpark Nord, Kölnstraße 250, 3 p.m.

The series “Babylon Berlin” is based on an international bestseller series from Volker Kutscher and takes place in the roaring 1920’s. Detective Gereon Rath investigates in the milieu of drugs and politics, murder and art, emancipation and extremism. With a budget of 40 million euros, two seasons and 16 episodes are to be produced by X Filme Creative Pool in cooperation with ARD, Sky and Beta Film productions. It is expected to be one of the most lavish productions in decades.

Producers are searching for 600 people from the region who would fit in the roles they have to offer. Gregor Weber from the Eick Agency says, “All men and women between the ages of 18 and 70 who are interested in taking a journey back to the 1920’s are invited.”

Because of the historical dimension, candidates should not have highlighted or obviously colored hair. Perfect are “historical”, natural-looking faces. “Because we need hundreds of gangsters, soldiers, police, rail workers and squires, we especially need men - including physically fit men with German military training”. They are also looking for men with an Eastern European look.

Women could take on roles as travelers or maid servants. “For one special scene, we are looking for a group playing hunting horns, and a hunting party,” said Weber. It is not necessary to register in advance for the casting. Photos will be taken and candidates asked to fill out an information sheet.

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