Opening on Thursday Centre management gets to work in Bad Godesberg

Bad Godesberg · The Bad Godesberg Centre Management is now officially starting work in its new premises at Am Fronhof 10. Everyone is welcome at the opening this Thursday.

 Sophie Büchner and Frank Schmitz in their new office.

Sophie Büchner and Frank Schmitz in their new office.

Foto: Axel Vogel

A meeting place and a transformation lab are the words Bad Godesberg uses to promote its centre management. The new premises at Am Fronhof 10 are finally ready and the occupants have moved in. So everyone is welcome to attend the official opening this Thursday from 4 pm. Lord Mayor Katja Dörner and District Mayor Michael Wenzel will be there. "There will also be a small supporting programme with music and hands-on activities," says the administration.

Sophie Büchner and her colleague Frank Schmitz started their new job by intensively working and networking with tradespeople. According to her employer, Stadt-Beratung Dr. Sven Fries, the aim is to support the retail sector by organising high-profile events and campaigns to revitalise the area. The centre management has taken on a " support function".

Büchner and Schmitz now want to open a new chapter and, above all, create a sense of identification. At Fronhof, they will launch campaigns, collect ideas, support their implementation and bring citizens into contact with each other. "We want to offer a place where people can engage with the topic of urban development," said Büchner.

Until at least 2025

The centre management will remain anchored in the district until at least 2025. According to Arnulf Marquardt-Kuron from Bonn's economic development agency, there was initially state funding from the "Sofortprogramm zur Stärkung unserer Innenstädte und Zentren" (immediate action programme to strengthen our inner cities and centres). Now the federal government is on board under the title "Zukunftsfähige Innenstädte und Zentren" (sustainable inner cities and centres).

Büchner and Schmitz are also working together with the Bad Godesberg Stadtmarketing association, which initiates many campaigns in Bad Godesberg. "We want to build bridges and bring people together who would otherwise have nothing to do with each other," Büchner stresses. These people are also invited to lend a hand at the "Anpack-Tage" (hands-on days), for example when it comes to designing a bar and a reading corner for the premises, something that was completed a few days ago. And there is also a small kitchen.

Hardtberg and Beuel also have their own centre management, and like there, the Bad Godesberg city management will have specific tasks and objectives. These include avoiding too many shop closures, promoting retail and gastronomy, identifying areas where action is needed, coordinating communication processes and possibly setting up property and neighbourhood communities.

The last step was to find a logo, which everyone could vote on. In the end, the choice fell on the stylised, tree-lined Godesburg, with red steps leading up to it. The winner was the logo "that has the highest recognition value for the people of Bad Godesberg and also represents the greatest connection to Bad Godesberg," said Büchner.

The official opening is seen as "the starting signal for a creative collaboration with the people of Bad Godesberg, because we want to shape the face of the district together with them over the next few years," said the centre managers.

The opening hours at Am Fronhof 10 are Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 am to 5.30 pm and Thursdays from 12 pm to 8 pm.

Original text: Richard Bongartz; Translation: Jean Lennox

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