New lines and more frequent stops Changes in bus and tram timetables for Bonn and the region

Bonn · In Bonn and the region, there will be a new timetable for buses and trams in effect starting on August 28. It includes new regional bus lines to relieve school traffic and other changes in service. Here is an overview of the changes.

 Stadtbahnlinie 66 in Beuel: Der ÖPNV ist ein Zuschussgeschäft. Das könnte sich ändern, sagt eine neue Studie von Roland Berger.

Stadtbahnlinie 66 in Beuel: Der ÖPNV ist ein Zuschussgeschäft. Das könnte sich ändern, sagt eine neue Studie von Roland Berger.

Foto: Andreas Dyck

In order to make public transport in Bonn and the region more attractive, the frequency of some tram and bus lines will be increased. A new timetable and some new bus lines are also aimed at improving service. As early as December 2018, some trams and buses were used more frequently on weekdays as part of the "Lead City" project in Bonn. Some adjustments are now also to follow for the weekend timetable.

Here is an overview of all the changes that will apply from August 28:

Change of route and new lines

  • The new line 540 takes over the stretch of line 517 from Sankt Augustin Zentrum to Menden and Meindorf. The starting point is Bonn Central Station. The bus runs every 20 minutes from Mondays to Saturdays. During school hours there are additional trips between Meindorf, Menden and the Niederpleis school center.
  • The line 550 will run from Niederkassel via Nordbrücke, Innenministerium, Chlodwigplatz, Kölnstraße, Stiftsplatz to Bonn main station and via Bornheimer Straße, Kaiser-Karl-Ring in the direction of Niederkassel.
  • From Troisdorf, line 551 will take you via Beuel to Bonn main station.
  • In order to relieve work and school traffic, the new line 552 will start in Troisdorf and drive over the Nordbrücke and past the Heinrich-Hertz-Europakolleg to the Josephinum. It runs as a direct connection from Troisdorf to the Nordstadt in Bonn. The buses come Mondays to Fridays between about 7 am and 9 am and 1 pm and 6 pm, every 30 minutes. In the direction of Bonn, a ten-minute cycle is set up on school days.
  • The SB55 will run from Bonn main station to the Cologne-Wahn S-Bahn station, stopping in Niederkassel and from Lülsdorf in Cologne-Porz-Langel and Zündorf. The stop Lülsdorf Stahlenstraße will be dropped. Instead, it will continue from Lülsdorf church to Zündorf and Wahn instead of line 501.
  • Line 501 is now diverted through Siegburg, Troisdorf and Lülsdorf with the terminal stop Lülsdorf Stahlenstraße. The continuing stretch via Zündorf to Köln-Wahn is covered by the SB55 line.
  • In order to create a new cross connection between Bornheim and the north of Bonn and thus connection to tram lines 16 and 18 as well as the RB26 and RB48, line 817 will now be routed from Roisdorf station to Tannenbusch instead of Hersel.
  • The line 856 will drive a faster way in the center of Bad Godesberg. In Berkum the bus stop Schulzentrum will be served.
  • On line 857 there will be additional trips via Züllighoven and Berkum Schulzentrum during the school start and end times. In the evening and on weekends, all trips are on the normal route.
  • The line 517 will pass through Sankt Augustin center, Niederpleis and Hangelar.
  • Two school trips of line 562 towards Bad Honnef will now also run via Hövel in the morning.
  • The morning trip of the line 577 starts already at Much instead of the stop Kreuzkapelle.
  • Line 598 will take over the morning school trip of line 521 via Hasenboseroth.
  • The line 566 will be redirected through the district Selhof as a test.

Timetable frequencies and TaxiBus

  • Tram lines 61, 62, 63, 16 and 66 run every ten minutes on Saturdays from around 9:30 am to 8:30 pm and bus lines 600 to 614 run every 20 minutes.
  • On Sundays and public holidays, lines 61, 63, 16 and 66 run every quarter hour from 09:30 am and bus lines 600 to 614 run every half hour.
  • From Mondays to Saturdays, the basic service will run every 20 minutes, and every half hour in the evening and on Sundays and public holidays.
  • At times, the SB55 is operated every ten minutes, otherwise every 30 minutes on Sundays, evenings and weekdays. On weekends an hourly night service is set up.
  • On Saturdays from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm, line 537 runs every half hour.
  • On weekdays, line 817 runs every half hour from Tannenbusch via Bornheim to Brenig. On Saturdays, the current timetable will remain the same. On Sundays the TaxiBus service is extended to hourly intervals on the entire route. On Fridays and Saturdays, hourly late departures between Rheinbach and Heimerzheim will also be provided. These also operate as TaxiBus and are linked to the S23 and 845 lines from Bonn. This means that smaller towns in Swisttal can also be reached by public transport.
  • Between Merten, Waldorf, Bornheim and Hersel, line 818 will run every half hour from Monday to Friday. Additional services will also be provided at school start and end times. The TaxiBus services will be switched to bus services early Saturday evening. On Sundays the TaxiBus will remain, but can now be ordered every 60 minutes.
  • The number of trips on line 845 from Bonn central station via Buschhoven to Heimerzheim will be doubled. The line runs every half hour from Monday to Saturday and every full hour on Sundays. In the direction of Bonn, the morning intervals are also increased to every 15 minutes. At the weekend, the last bus leaves Bonn one hour later than before. In the morning the service starts one hour earlier, on Sundays two hours.
  • From Monday to Saturday, line 855 from Bad Godesberg to Meckenheim will run every half hour until around 8:30 p.m. and every hour on Sundays. In the evening, the existing 60-minute cycle remains. Additional trips will be set up during school hours, which will also serve Villip-Bruch and Holzem.
  • The line 856 from Bad Godesberg via Ließem and Berkum to Oedingen will run at 30-minute intervals from Monday to Saturday, and at 60-minute intervals on Sundays and evenings. The last trip from Bad Godesberg on Sundays to Thursdays is at 11:30 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays at 01:30 a.m..
  • From Bad Godesberg via Niederbachem and Berkum to Meckenheim, the trips of line 857 are doubled. They run at least every half hour from Monday to Saturday and every full hour on Sundays. The section close to the city between Bad Godesberg, Niederbachem and Berkum is also increased to a 15-minute interval every Monday to Friday morning and afternoon. In the direction of Bad Godesberg, a five-minute interval is set between about 7 and 7:30 a.m.. In the evening, the last bus from Bad Godesberg leaves one hour later every day.
  • The TaxiBus line 747 can now be booked every hour on Sundays and public holidays.
  • The new 880 TaxiBus line runs hourly from Monday to Saturday from Berkum to Züllighoven and to the Rheinhöhen cemetery by appointment. The call-collective taxi rides in Meckenheim, which were previously offered under line number 880, are no longer available due to a lack of demand.
  • Line 881 will be converted from taxi-bus to bus service between Berkum Einkaufszentrum (shopping center), Holzem, Villip, Villiprott and Pech. A barrier-free minibus runs every hour from Monday to Saturday. In addition, further trips for school transport will be set up with normal buses to and from Berkum School Center. Holzem and the higher parts of Pech are therefore offered a regular bus service.
  • In future, the Bonn West and Dransdorf business parks will be linked to the two railway stations Roisdorf and Bonn-Endenich Nord by the new 883 TaxiBus line. From Monday to Friday, a half-hourly and otherwise hourly service will be provided during peak traffic hours on advance booking. In Alfter, the call-collective taxi rides previously offered under line number 883 will be cancelled due to a lack of demand.
  • The previous school bus services in the municipality of Wachtberg and the city of Bornheim are no longer available on lines 817, 818, 855, 856, 857 and 881 due to the improved service. In order to also support school transport in Bornheim, the new line 753 will be offered at the beginning and end of lessons in the local schools.
  • In the morning and in the afternoon there will be another bus on line 501 between Sieglar and Troisdorf-Altenforst.
  • The departure times of lines 503, 508, 521 and 562 will be adapted to the timetables of lines 501, 551 and 66 respectively.
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, hourly trips between Spich, Uckendorf, Niederkassel and Lülsdorf will be provided on line 504. This will replace the TaxiBus, which only runs by prior booking. In addition, the 20-minute interval will be extended to a longer period on weekdays.
  • On school days, the 593 midday line will provide additional travel options between Seelscheid and Neunkirchen.
  • Line 577 runs between Siegburg, Birk and Neunkirchen Antoniusplatz every 30 minutes from Monday to Friday until around 9 pm.
  • On line 520, buses will run every 20 minutes on Saturdays, every 30 minutes on Sundays and weekday evenings.
  • The 30-minute interval of line 532 will be extended to around 6 p.m. on school days.
  • Line 537 will be increased to a 30-minute interval on Saturdays until around 8:30 pm.
  • Line 550's frequency will be changed to every 20 minutes on Saturdays until around 8:30 p.m. and to every 30 minutes on Sundays and evenings.
  • From Monday to Saturday, line 551 runs every 20 minutes until around 8:30 p.m., and every 30 minutes on Sundays and weekdays in the evening. The last trip on the weekend is at 3:30 am.

Further information can be found on the websites of Leadcity Bonn, RVK and RSVG.

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