Overcrowding at tree farm Christmas market wants fewer guests

Overath · On the first weekend of Advent, too many visitors came to Overath, east of Cologne. Christmas market organizers there say they want only visitors from the region.

Sometimes, there’s just no way of telling. For several years, the nursery Mütherich has organized the "Bergisch Christmas Market in the forest” in the Overath district of Kreutzhäuschen. Actually, it is a fir tree sale but with along with that there is mulled wine and other Christmas stalls. On the website of the Mütherich family, it says that a visit here has become an outing destination in the Rhineland.

They did not expect such a rush on the weekend, and they still cannot explain why so many visitors from the Netherlands, Frankfurt am Main and Westphalia came here. "We are a Christmas market for the people of the region, no more and no less," said the wife of the organizer in responding to GA.

Already one kilometer before the village, nothing was moving. Cars with license plates not only from the Rhineland lined up in a tight queue on the highway. In the afternoon, the organizer wrote in the social network Facebook, that due to the weather, the market would only be open until 7pm. Besides, long trips were not worthwhile, because there was no more parking. Some visitors later called the situation a "catastrophe" in their Facebook postings. Already in the early afternoon there were no more sausages left. Later on, some visitors themselves did not seem to understand why they had come all that way.

What’s certain for the organizers, the Mütherich couple, is that it should not come to such a traffic jam on the next three Advent weekends. How do they want to prevent that? They point out that their market and Christmas tree sales are intended only for people in the vicinity, coming from the Bergisches Land, Bonn or Cologne.

Orig. text: Susanne Wächter

Translation: ckloep

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