Bike stands removed to make way Christmas markets being built up Monday

Bonn · As of Monday, work will begin on building up the Christmas market in Bonn city center. People are asked to remove their bikes from the area as bike stands will be removed to accommodate the market.

If you normally park your bike at one of the bike stands in Bonn city center, you are doing exactly the right thing. But as of Wednesday, November 8, preparations are underway for workers to start building up the Bonn Christmas market. As of this week, the future Christmas stands are being designated with signs and taped off. Bike owners who have left their bicycles parked in the Christmas market areas will have 72 hours to remove them.

Any bikes that are left behind will be taken away by the city on Monday, November 13 and put into storage. That is the day when workers will start erecting the Christmas market stands. With more than 170 different stands, the Bonn Christmas Market will officially open its doors to the public on November 24.

The Christmas market stands will be set up on Münsterplatz, Bottlerplatz, Friedensplatz and Mülheimer Platz as well as in the connecting pedestrian areas between the individual squares, and Windeckstraße and Vivatsgasse.

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