Campaign by former students Christmas tree sale for a good cause in Poppelsdorf

Poppelsdorf · The association Nala, a group of former students from Bonn, donates spruces and pines from the Eifel for a good cause. The sale at the Poppelsdorfer Uni-Campus is still going on this weekend.

James Krüss, the children’s books author, once rhymed captivatingly and precisely: "Because being a fir tree: that's fine, gee!“ This is how the former Bonn university students of nature conservation and landscape ecology, who have joined together in the association of the same name (abbreviated Nala), thought and still think. On this weekend they give away Christmas trees at the University Campus Poppelsdorf in exchange for a donation. They felled the trees themselves in the Eifel.

The pines – fir trees are also part of the pine family – come from biotope areas and deprived native plants of light and warmth at their habitat, the spruces took the space needed for other trees to grow.

The campaign was introduced in 1980 by Professor Wolfgang Schumacher. With his retirement, students and alumni founded the association Nala. On this weekend, the members now distribute the trees free of charge, but they collect donations for projects during the campaign. In this year the nursery Bonn, the Arboretum Härle, a foundation for the park Härle, and the nature conservation organisation Sociatia Mozaic are supported.

For the chairman of the association, Simon Keelan, the Christmas tree campaign has three good things: the trees that have already been felled are used sensibly, the students have the opportunity not only to work theoretically, but also to „swing the axe“. The donations are also used to support meaningful projects. In addition to the trees, there are products from the university's beekeeping, organic potatoes from the meadows and apples and pears from the Klein-Altendorf campus. The Biological Station Rhein-Erft offers apple juice from its own production. Bolle-Bonn and the Bonner Velowerft deliver the trees home by bike in exchange for a donation.

Distribution is on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm opposite the corner of Carl-Troll-Straße/Kekuléstraße.

(Original text: Tabea Herrmann / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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