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Long distance throwing competition: Christmas trees fly in Hoholz

Long distance throwing competition : Christmas trees fly in Hoholz

Participants took part in the traditional Christmas tree throw in Hoholz. The idea for the competition comes from Sweden.

In Hoholz, there has for many years been a tradition without parallel in the Bonn area: the Christmas tree throw. “To my knowledge, there is not one other event like it in Bonn,” said Wolf Lenze, chair of the Hoholz citizens’ association, years ago. And this sentence still stands.

At least 30 visitors made their way to the car park at the Weitz small shopping centre in wet and cold weather. Numerous small prizes awaited the winners of the ladies, men and youth categories.

The competition depends not only on strength and technique, ie distance, but also on style. Three throwing techniques are allowed: overhead throwing (as in a javelin throw), spin throwing (as in hammer throwing) and a shot-put style throw. Each person has three throws and is free to choose which of the three permitted throw techniques he uses. A jury made up of three committee members of the citizens’ association measures not only the distance but also gives marks for posture.

The idea for this competition apparently comes from Sweden. There, the Christmas period ends on the 20th day after Christmas, ie on 13 January. It is Saint Knut’s Day, which is why the day is also called the Knut Festival. On this day, children finish the remaining sweets and the Christmas trees are thrown out of the house. In Germany, there are national championships. The Weidenthal district in the Palatinate even claims to organise an annual world championship.

All of the guests at the Knut Festival in Hoholz had their fun despite the rain and clammy hands. And all were victors, as whoever left their house in this weather had already won.

Original text: Rainer Schmidt. Translation: kc