Guests and kitchen worker infected City closes restaurant in Poppelsdorf following corona cases

Bonn · The City of Bonn has closed a restaurant in Poppelsdorf following the discovery of several cases of COVID-19. Restaurant guests and a kitchen worker tested positive for coronavirus. But some questions remain unanswered.

 Restaurant guests and a kitchen worker tested positive for coronavirus.

Restaurant guests and a kitchen worker tested positive for coronavirus.

Foto: dpa/Oliver Berg

Several people who were in a Poppelsdorf restaurant have tested positive for coronavirus. However, it is unclear whether any of these people infected each other.

According to city spokeswoman Monika Hörig, a young woman tested positive on July 15. She had been at a family dinner in the restaurant a few days earlier. "Consequently, the family and the restaurant staff were tested." It turned out that a worker who had been helping out in the kitchen was living in a refugee shelter on Karl-Finkelnburg Strasse in Bad Godesberg. This worker had at first tested negative for the virus but was later placed in quarantine at a hotel because of having been in contact with a person from the refugee shelter who tested positive on July 20.

Kitchen worker tests positive on July 21

According to Hörig, the restaurant worker then tested positive for COVID 19 on July 21. "Inquiries with the affected person and a person in charge at the refugee center gave assurance that there were no other relevant contacts with other residents or employees." Because of that, no further action was taken at the shelter. This apparently led to anxiety among some residents, as the GA learned. The residents did not understand why no more testing was being done in their facility. "The staff in the refugee shelter and also at our specialist office are not aware of any worried residents", Hörig said when asked.

Concerning the restaurant, the city believes that there was no opportunity for other guests to catch the virus on the day of the family dinner on July 8 because of the rules on social distancing. However, on that Wednesday, the city received a positive test result from another person who was at a table further away in the restaurant that day. The restaurant is now closed and all guests who were in the restaurant on that day have been contacted. Two persons who consequently showed symptoms have been tested but the results are still pending.

Since this Thursday, the city is convinced that nobody else who may have been in the restaurant on July 8 would develop symptoms because the incubation period is over. The restaurant will remain closed until early August.

(Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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