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Sharp increase: City counts 135 cases of coronavirus mutations in Bonn

Sharp increase : City counts 135 cases of coronavirus mutations in Bonn

The cases of Covid-19 mutations in Bonn have doubled within a week. The city registered a total of 133 cases of the UK variant and two cases of the Brazilian variant.

The number of documented infections with coronavirus variants has jumped in Bonn: The health department reported on Thursday that there have been a total of 135 such cases since Jan. 28 (through Feb. 24). That's more than double the number reported on Feb. 19, when the city reported 63 cases.

According to the city, 133 of the cases were the UK variant and two were the Brazilian variant. Both virus mutations are considered particularly contagious. Between Feb. 18 and Feb. 24, the city registered a total of 230 new Covid-19 cases, according to the press office. Of those, 47 people were infected with the UK variant, or 20.4 percent. In the previous week, this proportion was around nine percent. A ward of the Helios-Klinikum Bonn/Rein-Sieg (formerly Malteserkrankenhaus) was also affected. "No new case has been reported from the hospital since the weekend," said deputy city spokesman Marc Hoffmann.

City has stepped up search for mutations

The increase, however, may also have to do with an increased effort to detect the mutations. Only last week did the city begin to test all positive coronavirus tests for mutations. Previously in Bonn, the testing was only done on five percent of cases and those deemed suspect. Meanwhile, Cologne and the Rhine-Sieg district have already been testing all cases.

If someone is found to be infected with a Covid-19 variant, stricter quarantine measures apply. In such cases, all members of the household must immediately isolate themselves. According to the press office, this currently affects 84 people who have been infected with the UK variant since February 10.

According to Hoffmann, there are currently no new major outbreaks in communal living facilities. In two affected nursing homes, the infection numbers are declining. One nursing home resident is infected with the UK variant.

The incidence rate in Bonn is currently 73.7. 182 people have died in connection with Covid-19. According to the city, the most recent death was a man (born in 1955). Information on whether there were any preexisting conditions was not available to the (city) administration. 308 people are currently infected with the virus. 596 people are in quarantine.

(Orig. text: Andreas Baumann, Joshua Bung; Translation: ck)