Local public transport in Bonn City decides on 19 euro pass for low income passengers

Bonn · 13,000 schoolchildren will be among those who benefit from cheaper public transport prices starting on August 1. The city will offset the shortfall in revenue for the public transport company with a subsidy generated by parking fees.

 For children who have a Bonn ID card, the price of a 4-ticket will be cut in half.

For children who have a Bonn ID card, the price of a 4-ticket will be cut in half.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

On Wednesday, the city social welfare committee decided to introduce a reduced rate for low income persons who use public transportation in Bonn. A special pass will cost 19 euros per month.  Ticket prices for children of low income families will also be lowered. The social welfare-political spokesperson of the Greens, SPD, Left Party and Volt said: "The prices of public transport are currently too high for people with low incomes. A municipal subsidy is to compensate for the loss of income incurred by the public transport utility. For children with a Bonn ID card, the prices of the 4-trip tickets are to be reduced by half: In the future, they will cost only 1 euro (short trip) or 1.50 euros (level 1b).

The city council recently approved a school pass for 19 euros. It is to be introduced on August 1. Up to now, the price of monthly passes has been linked to the number of public transport passes purchased at the schools and can easily cost more than 30 euros.  Responding to a request for information, the public transport company said that 2,800 school tickets - 18 percent of the total tickets - currently cost less than 19 euros. This should also remain so. Around 13,000 students (or their parents) would benefit from the new price. The city wants to finance the additional costs of around 85,000 euros per month through higher parking fees and an expansion of city parking services.

(Orig. text: Philipp Königs / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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