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World famous trees in Bonn: City has some cherry trees felled in old town

World famous trees in Bonn : City has some cherry trees felled in old town

Some of the world-famous ornamental cherries disappear in Bonn's old town on Tuesday. Affected are trees in several streets. But replacement is already in sight.

The city of Bonn has 16 trees cut down on Tuesday, including some ornamental cherries in Bonn's old town. The work will be carried out by a specialist company supported by employees of the Office for City Greenery. The city announced that trees will be felled in Maxstraße, Dorotheenstraße, Georgstraße, Paulstraße, Peterstraße, Wolfstraße, Michaelstraße and Im Krausfeld.

The city reassures everyone who fears for the pink blossoming splendour of colour in spring: Replacements for the felled trees are planted in autumn, which have largely or completely died off. In order for the stump milling work to be carried out on time, the trees must be felled now. The felling has nothing to do with vandalism damage. In mid-April, unknowns had daubed 43 trees - but these were on Heerstrasse and Breite Strasse.

Since ornamental cherries belong to the relatively short-lived tree species and street trees also have comparatively difficult site conditions, the trees are now gradually reaching an age at which they die," the city stated in its announcement. The cherry trees were planted in Bonn's old town at the end of the 1980s as part of a comprehensive district redevelopment project.

(Original text: GA Bonn; Translation: Mareike Graepel)