Swimming during the Corona Crisis City needs staff for open-air swimming pools in Bonn

Bonn · The open-air swimming pools in Bonn are supposed to open this summer after all, starting with the one in Rüngsdorf on May 21. The city is looking for temporary workers, but the Komba union is worried about employees and guests.

 A photo from earlier years: Soon the starting signal will be given in the Roman Baths

A photo from earlier years: Soon the starting signal will be given in the Roman Baths

Foto: Nicolas Ottersbach

The city is looking for temporary staff to man the open-air swimming pools. According to the press office, the staff will be needed for supervision at the pools, cleaning and disinfection work, maintenance of the green areas and at the ticket offices.

Prerequisites are a DLRG rescue swimming licence in silver (not older than two years) and a first aid course (nine teaching units, not older than two years). Further information can be obtained from the pool managers or by calling Patrick Strassberger at (0228) 77-32 34.

Since last week, it has been decreed when open-air swimming pools may open, according to new regulations of the state of NRW. The city council had initially assumed that the summer season would be cancelled due to the corona crisis and had applied for short-time working for the pool operation. This had been revised, explained Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan. The panorama pool is scheduled to open on May 21, with the other open-air pools following until Whitsun.

However, the Komba union Bonn/Rhein-Sieg is seeking a security concept from the city. "I am seriously worried about my colleagues and the bathers," said Christian Dröttboom, the deputy Komba chairman. He calls for increased deployment of security personnel to monitor compliance with hygiene regulations. "I can already imagine that it will be uncomfortable and that the mood will not be just because of the temperatures at boiling point," the Komba man emphasises. "One thing must be clear: Our bathroom staff can't take over any regulatory duties, so the city's security teams will probably have to come in more often.“

Original text: Andreas Baumann

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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