For a maximum of three months City of Bonn approves drive-in cinema in Dottendorf

Bonn · The city of Bonn has given the green light for a drive-in cinema in Dottendorf. The former Miesen area will have room for 300 cars, but there is already an expiry date for the open-air cinema.

 The former Miesen site in Dottendorf will be home to a drive-in cinema in the future

The former Miesen site in Dottendorf will be home to a drive-in cinema in the future

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

„Film starts!“ will soon be the motto on the former Miesen site in Dottendorf. Because the city will give the green light to the drive-in cinema plans of the Siegburg technology service provider Sound and Light. This was stated by city spokeswoman Monika Hörig on Tuesday on GA request. The approval, which can be expected at the beginning of next week at the latest, is valid for a maximum of three months. "And it will be granted at the latest until the reopening of regular cinemas", Hörig announced.

The company Sound and Light, which had filed the application, did not yet want to give a comprehensive statement on its concept when asked. "So far we have only received a telephone confirmation from the building authorities", Sebastian Tünnerhoff explained. At least they are already confidently working on a website that will also be used for ticket sales. 300 cars, the people of Siegburg have in mind, could drive up to the 4.5 hectare site on Dottendorfer Straße in the evening. From the city's point of view, only this area is suitable for a drive-in cinema, Hörig said with regard to other interested parties.

There are a total of nine of them. The Bonn event agency Eventiger also threw its hat in the ring with the Beuel-based event company Vision53 - and that for the area of the Telekom Dome. The area had only been "requested on Tuesday, the administration is checking that", Hörig said.

Car concerts are out of the question

At present, car concerts would have no chance, said Monika Hörig: "The sites mentioned by interested parties so far are out of the question. The situation here is more complicated than at the drive-in cinemas, among other things because of the possible emmissions: "First and foremost, the proximity to the residential areas is a hindrance," said the city spokeswoman. In addition to the music, there is - as was shown at the Brings concert in the drive-in cinema in Cologne-Porz - a lot of honking instead of applause. In addition, the grounds are located in the so-called outdoor area, where no structural installations - and thus no so called „flying constructions" - are permitted. However, the administration was in discussion with the applicants to determine whether other areas were conceivable under certain circumstances.

Meanwhile, advance sales have already begun for the drive-in cinema in the Rheinbach industrial estate, which the Adendorf filming company will operate together with WOTEC Veranstaltungstechnik starting Thursday. "The first three days are already sold out," said Jana Zimmermann of Drehwerk. 100 cars, each with two adult occupants, are allowed on the grounds at Zeissstraße 14, but Zimmermann announced that there will be afternoon performances for families from Friday to Sunday starting on 8 May.

(Original text: Silke Elbern. Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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