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Hot, dry weather: City of Bonn asks for water donations for trees

Hot, dry weather : City of Bonn asks for water donations for trees

The trees in Bonn are suffering from the heat and dryness of the past days. This had prompted the City Bureau of Urban Greenery to ask citizens of Bonn to donate water.

It's not only people who struggle with the current temperatures: The City Bureau of Urban Greenery has put out a reminder that the trees in Bonn also suffer from the heat and dryness. This has prompted employees there to ask the citizens of Bonn to donate water. "Every bucket of water helps (trees) to survive the dry period. Old trees need at least 500 liters of water so that the water really reaches the roots. Still, the watering helps at least the protective layer of undergrowth and because of that, indirectly also the trees", says Dieter Fuchs, head of the bureau. "Young trees at the side of the roads in particular suffer from the lack of water because they have not yet been able to develop enough roots to reach the water stored in the soil.”

Because the ground is currently very hard due to the heat, it is advisable, according to Fuchs, to first moisten the soil a little and then water it again. Then don't let the water run away. Also shrubs in plant pots, green coverings on facades and other plants should be considered when watering.

The employees of the Office for Urban Greenery are now increasingly working with water wagons: In twelve different districts, an average of three to four employees each travel with a water wagon. According to the office, other work is being postponed to allow this to take place. There is also automatic irrigation, for example in the Rheinaue: Sprinkler systems water the plants here. Newly planted trees are taken care of for at least two years by the company that planted them.

Last summer, the city also asked local residents to donate water for trees and shrubs. Many responded to the call, for example the pub owners in the Old Town also took care of the trees in front of their pubs.

(Orig. text: Jill Mylonas / Translation: ck)