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Final matches of the Champions and Europa League: City of Bonn bans public viewing for soccer finals

Final matches of the Champions and Europa League : City of Bonn bans public viewing for soccer finals

Soccer fans in Bonn were not allowed to watch the Europa League finals on Friday in a public setting and the same will apply for the Champions League on Sunday. The City of Bonn has banned broadcasts in public areas.

The Europa League and Champions League matches on August 21 and 23 "may not be broadcast on television or using other technology in public areas", the City of Bonn announced on Friday morning. A general ruling to this effect applies from August 21 to 24.

The city justified the measure by saying that "in the past few days, there have repeatedly been large gatherings of people in front of restaurants" where minimum distances were not observed and masks were not worn. On Wednesday, the Bonn Public Order Service disbanded a crowd of soccer fans in Poppelsdorf. According to the city, such incidents have occurred several times and it emphasizes that these kinds of gatherings are prohibited under the provisions of the Corona Protection Ordinance of North Rhine-Westphalia.

But there are also exceptions to the order: Restaurants that have their own outdoor areas and can guarantee compliance with the Corona Protection Ordinance are exempted from the ban. Television broadcasts in the restaurants are still permitted subject to compliance with the provisions of the ordinance.

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