Rides and playgrounds in the city and on the Rhine City of Bonn creates an alternative to Pützchen's market

Bonn · Due to the Corona pandemic, the city of Bonn has cancelled Puetzchens Markt this year. Nevertheless, there will be some rides and playgrounds as well as funfair booths in the city - quite soon.

 Pützchen's market is cancelled this year. However, an alternative is planned.

Pützchen's market is cancelled this year. However, an alternative is planned.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Puetzchens market cannot take place this autumn, but the people of Bonn still don't have to do without rides and candy stands this year. After the city of Bonn had to cancel all public festivals and major cultural and sporting events due to the Corona pandemic, it is now approving "funfair offers at a distance" in the city centre of Bonn and on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel until the end of the NRW summer holidays (Tuesday, 11 August). This was confirmed on Tuesday by Bonn's Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan on GA request.

"With this decision we are pursuing two main goals. Firstly, we want to offer the many small carny businesses an opportunity to generate income. Secondly, we want to offer the people in the region the opportunity to get a taste of the fairground atmosphere," explained Sridharan.

Due to the cancellation of the 653rd Pützchens Markt (11 to 15 September) and the many small fairground events in the city districts, the carny businesses in Bonn and the region would not have had a chance to generate revenue this calendar year. The city of Bonn would have already provided support to other industries and associations through aid measures. Now they want to help the showmen.

In the past weeks, the Mayor and Beuel's District Mayor Guido Déus had invited carny representatives and employees of the responsible departments of the city administration to two rounds of talks in order to sound out which forms of events can be approved in Corona times. "In the process, we agreed that funfair offers are only permissible if the distance between the individual stands is large enough to avoid crowds of people," said the Lord Mayor. In order to avoid a lengthy tendering procedure and thus save time, the city will conclude a contract with the Bonner Veranstaltungs-Arbeitsgemeinschaft (Arge). The Arge will then implement the "Kirmes mit Abstand“ („funfair with a distance“). Bonn's district mayor Brigitta Poppe-Reiners was involved in the project during the consulting phase.

Carny Peter Barth, who manages the Arge with his colleague August Kipp, was impressed by the city's decision on Tuesday: "I am very pleased for our profession about this statement. We took part in the discussions in an advisory capacity, but we only found out that the decision has now been made when the General-Anzeiger called us.“ The carny people want to start planning immediately. At a meeting of the members of the consortium, in consultation with the municipal market office, the stands are to be allocated. Presumably from Wednesday, July 8, there will be a children's carousel on Münsterplatz and a candy stand on Friedensplatz. From Wednesday, July 15th at the latest, the rides and playground facilities on the right bank of the Rhine in the section between the China ship and the Blue Monkey beer garden will be located. The carny operators are also thinking about including the left bank of the Rhine between Kennedy Bridge and the Federal Court of Auditors, at the request of the Lord Mayor. The details for the approval of the necessary special uses and the hygiene concepts are currently being coordinated with the Carny's Association. "If the offer is well received, an extension into September is not ruled out", emphasised city spokeswoman Monika Hörig.

Beuel's district mayor Guido Déus told the GA: "I am glad that the talks have led to such a good result. This is a glimmer of hope, especially for the small showman businesses, but also the citizens can finally get a taste of the fair again". Asked whether the city was currently planning to hold a smaller version of Pützchens Markt, the mayor replied: "I would not like to comment on these speculations. We are in discussion with the carny about which further measures can help and are useful. However, this may well not come to fruition until 2021".

(Original text: Holger Willcke / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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