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Application period expires this year: City of Bonn plans new parking guidance system for 3.5 million Euro

Application period expires this year : City of Bonn plans new parking guidance system for 3.5 million Euro

The city of Bonn wants to set up a new parking guidance system in Bonn for 3.5 million Euro. The administration also wants to include the garages in Beuel. The project must be completed by the end of the year.

The city administration wants to set up a new parking guidance system in the city centre, which will guide motorists to free spaces in public garages. The system is to be put out to tender this summer. It must already be installed by 31 December in order to comply with the funding guidelines. The city wants to use 1.7 million euros from a federal funding pot for the 3.5 million Euro project.

The extended inner city area is to be divided into colour-coded quarters and parking zones, according to a draft resolution of the administration. The system analyses in which car parks how many parking spaces are free and directs car traffic accordingly. Energy-saving LED display panels are to be procured, which are to be freely programmable.

This means that not only the direction of travel, car park name and the number of available spaces can be displayed, but also any other information. If all inner city garages are full, the system could, for example, indicate the zone on the Beueler Rhine side.

There the parking areas in the Brückenforum and under the Beueler Rathaus are to be included in the system. A separate computer is planned, which will be linked to the city traffic computer. This will allow traffic data to be used that the city collects anyway to create digital congestion maps.

The current parking guidance system is operated by City Parkraum GmbH, a subsidiary of the Bonn public utility company, in which the city center retailers also have a stake. According to the city, 13 dynamic display boards have been installed at five locations so far, which are to indicate free capacities in the garages at the market, Friedensplatz, Münsterplatz, under the Stadthaus and in the Beethoven car park. At least with the display for the Marktgarage there have been technical problems in recent months, so that incorrect parking space numbers have been displayed.

The sign near the Stadthaus has been out of order for a long time. "It has broken down due to communication problems and will not be in operation for a long time", explains Deputy City Spokesman Marc Hoffmann. The new system will include other garages that have been taken over from City Parkraum - such as those at the opera house.

The existing locations of the parking guidance system are to be expanded to include additional locations. For example, the city is planning additional display panels on three to four major access roads to the city centre. They are to be placed in such a way that drivers can still choose between several routes to different parking zones. The city administration also sees the new guidance system as a measure for air pollution control as part of the Sustainable Mobility Master Plan. The final decision on the tender for the project is to be made by the city council shortly.

(Original text: Andreas Baumann; Translation: Mareike Graepel)