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Current Corona situation: City of Bonn provides 12,500 new initial vaccinations

Current Corona situation : City of Bonn provides 12,500 new initial vaccinations

The city of Bonn receives additional vaccine contingent from the state of NRW. Minister President Armin Laschet calls for an end to compulsory masks at schools in the new school year. Some of the recent developments around the Corona pandemic can be read here.

City of Bonn provides 12,500 new initial vaccinations

The city of Bonn is providing an additional 12,500 initial Corona vaccinations with Biontech and Moderna at the vaccination center until mid-July. The corresponding vaccine quota has been allocated to the city by the state of NRW. Appointments for all persons aged 16 and over are available via the booking portal of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and by telephone via the central number 116 117 or the additional number (0800) 116 117 01.

Children aged 12 to under 16 who have been recommended for vaccination, for example because of a previous illness, can receive a vaccination offer in pediatricians' or family doctors' offices. Vaccination of election workers has also started. Election workers still have the opportunity to book appointments up to and including July 2.

Lauterbach: UEFA responsible for the death of many people

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has sharply criticized UEFA in the discussion about spectator admissions to the European soccer championships. "The game yesterday showed once again how close the fans are, how often they hug and shout at each other. Hundreds have certainly been infected and these are now in turn infecting thousands," Lauterbach wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. There had been 41,973 spectators at London's Wembley Stadium on Tuesday night for the German national team's 2-0 round of 16 defeat to England. "UEFA is responsible for the death of many people," Lauterbach wrote further.

Other politicians had also already criticized UEFA for the high spectator numbers. In London, for example, as many as 60,000 spectators are to be allowed into Wembley Stadium for the semifinals and final. Because Corona numbers recently rose again in Great Britain as a result of the Delta variant, the move is controversial.

Laschet warns against further Corona variants

North Rhine-Westphalia's Minister President Armin Laschet (CDU) has warned against recklessness in view of the falling number of new Corona infections. To be sure, he said, the pace of vaccination is encouraging. "Nevertheless, there is no reason to be overconfident," the CDU leader said Wednesday at a state parliament memorial service in Düsseldorf for the victims of the Corona pandemic. "New dangerous variants can very quickly confront us again with rising infection figures," Laschet said. "And we have to hope that no variant emerges against which the vaccine is not effective and that we have to start all over again.“

The coronavirus will continue to infect people, according to Laschet. "We must learn to live with the virus, even if the horrors of the pandemic will one day have faded."

Laschet: New school year without compulsory masks with low incidence

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet is in favor of ending mandatory mask use in schools in the new school year if Corona incidence levels remain low. "After the vacations, we'll observe the situation of travelers returning, and if we get a handle on the fact that the incidences are not particularly high, then you can also take off the masks in class again," the CDU/CSU candidate for chancellor told WDR on Wednesday. "The main goal must be: Not to close the schools again first thing.“

With stable incidences at the current level, he could also imagine a start of the next soccer Bundesliga season with spectators similar to the European Championship, the prime minister said. In response to questions about a possible new wave of pandemics next fall, Laschet pointed primarily to the ongoing vaccinations. He said that if 80 percent of the population were vaccinated in the fall, the situation would be completely different from last year.

Laschet rejected an extension of the home office obligation, which ends on July 1. The companies would have to decide on this according to their respective needs. In view of incidence rates of 5 infected persons per 100,000 people in seven days, this should not be imposed centrally by the legislature. In many companies, it is important for people to meet at the workplace.

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Translation: Mareike Graepel