Fish controversy in Beuel City of Bonn says the Koi can stay

Bonn-Beuel · The decision has been made: The City of Bonn is dropping the case against China ship lessee Huan Fu Zhang for animal welfare violations. The ten Koi are allowed to stay on board the ship.

 Germany’s only Koi expert, Robert Jungnischke, and Huan Fu Zhang observe the lively fish.

Germany’s only Koi expert, Robert Jungnischke, and Huan Fu Zhang observe the lively fish.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

On Thursday, the City of Bonn closed the proceedings against restaurant operator Huan Fu Zhang for keeping fish in an inappropriate environment. Attorney Werner Koch, representing the Chinese restaurant, informed the GA of this development.

The dispute between the City of Bonn and Huan Fu Zhang lasted nearly three weeks and preoccupied many people in Beuel and Bonn. Several on-site meetings with different fish experts took place. Now official veterinarian Dr. Uda Erbe informed Koch that the issue had been resolved for the City of Bonn.

Werner Koch believes that the conclusions drawn by specialist veterinarian Falk Wortberg and the Koi expert Robert Jungnischke led the City of Bonn to not only discontinue the hearing procedure, but also distance itself from the requirements for keeping fish on board the Chinese ship.

"The fish make a healthy impression"

"I have no qualms that the tank will continue to function in this way. The fish give a healthy impression," said Wortberg at a meeting onboard. The veterinary authorities had to investigate the report of a restaurant visitor alleging that the Koi were not kept appropriately, causing an unexpected wave of sympathy for the fish.

The threatened relocation of the fish at the beginning of the dispute captured nationwide interest. Even television stations travelled to Beuel to report on the sorrowful Mr. Zhang. When the city heard the response, it intervened early and according to city spokeswoman Monika Hörig, was determined to end the topic peacefully and satisfactorily for both parties.

City councillor Reiner Burgunder and Beuel lawyer Werner Koch, who both represented Mr. Zhang's interests, agreed: "We are pleased that an amicable settlement has now been reached. Huan Fu Zhang and his crew on board are happy to keep the fish." The restaurant operator told the GA: "Moving the fish to a pond would have meant death for them." The fish have been with him for 23 years. Ten Koi carp between 50 and 80 centimeters long, live in the 3,000 liter tank.

Orig. text: Holger Willcke

Translation: ck

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