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New stop behind Bonn museums: City plans improvements for UN Campus stop

New stop behind Bonn museums : City plans improvements for UN Campus stop

The city plans to widen and light up the pedestrian and bike path that leads from Moselweg and Gierenweg to the UN Campus stop. Plans also include more bike stands for commuters.

The “Bonn UN Campus” stop has been in operation for a good nine months now, but it is far from finished. Bonn city administration has prepared a list of work still to be completed, and to be discussed in committee on Thursday. It is trying to obtain funding for the further construction costs from the transportation service Nahverkehr Rheinland (NVR). The city submitted a request in early August. Here are some of the main points from their plan:

Pedestrian and bike path

The pedestrian and bike paths that lead to the stop from Moselweg and Gierenweg, are to be widened and paved. The pedestrian and cycle paths, which run on both sides of the UN Campus in the direction of Bad Godesberg, are also to be widened. The cycle paths are being re-asphalted and the walkway areas laid with concrete slabs.

Modifications to help the visually impaired are planned at Joseph-Bueys-Allee and a pedestrian crossing should be constructed there as well.

Parking for bikes

Bike stands are planned for each side between the bike path and the platform. On the eastern side, 64 covered spaces are planned, eight which will be reserved for the new bike rental system. On the western side, there will will 80 parking spaces in the future.

Bus stops

Roofs still have to be installed at the two “UN Campus Bahnhof” stops at Genscherallee, serviced by lines 610, 611, 630 and N 10.


The plan is for new signs at the stop, including a so-called "Kiss + Ride" to identify places where motorists can stop to drop off or pick up someone. An e-mobile charging station is also planned.


New lighting is planned for the combined pedestrian/bicycle path from the stop to Moselweg and Gierenweg, along with the cycling paths which run parallel to the tracks.

Safety enhancements

Bollards or illuminated tracks are planned in front of the stairway to the underpass. This is to ensure that cyclists don’t mistake the stairs for a bicycle ramp, which could result in a fall.

The total cost for the work amounts to 542,000 euros. Of this, 487,800 euros has been requested from the NVR, and the city must contribute 54,200 euros.

(Orig. text: Sabrina Bauer, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)