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Traffic in Bonn city center: City ring road opens again on Friday

Traffic in Bonn city center : City ring road opens again on Friday

After months of closure, the Maximilianstraße will open again on Friday midday, allowing traffic to flow in the direction of the main train station. The Bonn City Council has also decided to permanently allow a left turn on Belderberg.

After months of closure, the Maximilianstraße should be open again from Friday noon in the direction of the Bonn central station. The city of Bonn made the announcement on Thursday, the move coming one day earlier than planned. Traffic will be able to flow again as usual on the city ring road. As reported, the builder of the Maximilian Center, Ten Brinke, had requested part of the ring road to be closed in connection with excavation work.

From Wesselstraße, it should be possible to turn in both directions, which means also in the direction of Kaiserstraße. As well, the city council decided when they met on Thursday evening that the existing one-way traffic between Wesselstraße and Kaiserplatz should remain. They also want to keep in place the restriction which doesn’t allow traffic to drive from Kaiserstraße directly to the central station.

From the point of view of planning officials from the city administration, this restriction is necessary in order to limit the traffic load in front of the station after the Maximilianstraße is completely opened again. Likewise, the council decided to continue what began as a trial phase to allow a left turn from Belderberg to Bertha von Suttner Platz.

(Orig. text: Lisa inhoffen. Translation: ck)