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Protection from falling pieces: City secures ceiling of Bad Godesberg Stadthalle with net

Protection from falling pieces : City secures ceiling of Bad Godesberg Stadthalle with net

To prevent visitors from being hit by falling pieces from the Stadthalle ceiling in Bad Godesberg, the city has hung up a net. It is purely a precautionary measure, the city administration emphasizes.

After years of discussion, politicians, administration and citizens agree that the Stadthalle needs to be renovated. It has now become clear how urgent the work is. During a routine inspection, it was discovered that the ceiling in the large hall is dilapidated, and that parts could possibly come loose and fall down. Therefore, the city has hung a green net under the structure. However, the press office emphasizes that this is merely a precautionary measure.

Since the renovation of the Bad Godesberg Stadthalle is scheduled to start in 2022, the municipal building management (SGB) has decided not to carry out any repairs and has installed the safety net as a precaution. If necessary, it could hold up for many years. SGB operations manager Lutz Leide: "We want to avoid events being impaired by this. Parties and conferences can continue to take place as planned". It is not to be assumed "that ceiling parts will come loose in the future” before the renovation is scheduled, Andrea Schulte from the city press office said in response to a GA inquiry. No changes had been detected in the ceiling construction. It "remained unchanged and free of damage since its construction”.

The inspections were commissioned by SGB and were carried out by an engineering firm. Further inspections are due in the near future. "However, these will depend on the intended utilization concept, which is currently still in the planning stage," said Schulte. How often they are carried out would depend on possible hazards and legal regulations. "In this case, the inspection was carried out as part of the existing building survey for the planned renovation of the Stadthalle.”

Since the renovation is expected to start in two and a half years, "it makes sense to work with transitional measures", said district mayor Christoph Jansen. Two factors are important, he said: safety is the first, followed by the continuation of operations. He assumed that the network could guarantee both and relied "on the technical expertise of SGB".

As reported, it is not yet certain whether the work can really start as planned in 2022. At the latest in March, local politicians must decide on a spatial and utilization concept. If this does not succeed, the timetable cannot be kept. However, the administration has not yet submitted this draft.

"Details may change later, but we need a basis so that we can get started," said Jansen. The ball is now in the court of the responsible office, Amt 03, which is the business development department of Victoria Appelbe. He will stay on top of the matter and thinks that it will work out on schedule.

Orig. text: Ayla Jacob

Translation: ck