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Traffic in Bonn: Cityring to be reopened in about three weeks

Traffic in Bonn : Cityring to be reopened in about three weeks

The Cityring in Bonn is still closed for individual motorised traffic near Maximilianstraße/Kaiserplatz. It is to be reopened, but it is not clear when exactly that will happen. Meanwhile, the district mayor is considering a complaint.

The Cityring at the level of Maximilianstrasse/Kaiserplatz is still closed for individual motorised traffic. It is to be reopened due to a council decision, but so far the only thing that’s open is the schedule for when this will happen.

The district government of Cologne had confirmed the legal opinion of Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan that the city council and not the Bonn district council was responsible for the traffic management on the relevant part of the City Ring. District Mayor Brigitta Poppe-Reiners (Greens) had requested that this question be examined, as the Bonn District Council had taken the view that it, and not the City Council, was responsible. The district committee had voted against opening. In response, the city of Bonn announced that it would have the closure of the city ring lifted again at short notice. "We will reopen it in about three weeks", said Andrea Schulte of the press office. Before that, among other things, the contract for the markings must be awarded.

Poppe-Reiners said that she would now like to have the question of jurisdiction examined by a law firm in order to take legal action against the opening of the city ring if necessary. It was still being determined whether the district administration office would have to bear the costs of a possible lawsuit.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Mareike Graepel)