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First coronavirus case in Bonn: Clemens-August-School will be closed for two weeks

First coronavirus case in Bonn : Clemens-August-School will be closed for two weeks

The first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in Bonn. This was announced by the press office of the city council Bonn this morning. An employee of a Bonn school is affected.

An employee of the OGS at the Clemens-August-School in Poppelsdorf was diagnosed. This was announced by the city council Bonn on Saturday morning.

As a result, the Clemens-August-School will be closed for two weeks, as the head of the school department, Carolin Krause, announced at a press conference on Saturday morning. 185 children and the teaching staff must stay at home.

According to information from the GA, the OGS employee had celebrated carnival in Heinsberg. There the first coronavirus cases in NRW had become known. A married couple from Gangelt had tested positive and had been taken to the university hospital in Düsseldorf. As a precautionary measure, an estimated 1,000 people in the affected region are under domestic quarantine, which for some, however, could end this Saturday. According to a spokesperson for the Heinsberg district, approximately 400 people may have had contact with the couple during the carnival meeting.

According to GA information, all affected persons in Bonn who were in contact with the OGS employee are now being informed, visited and examined. It is said about 160 people had closer contact with the person.

Health department reports to mother

In the morning, the Siegburg health authority had already contacted a mother whose son attends the Clemens August School. The mother, who is currently outside Bonn with her child and a friend, said that she had been advised to have a quick test carried out immediately at her holiday resort. Such tests do not exist at her somewhat remote location. The hospital there referred her to the public health officer. The latter had instructed her to immediately inform all contacted persons and restaurants where she had been. An almost impossible task. After all, it is a period of several days, with football training, restaurant visits and more.

"We are going back to Bonn now and wait at home until the Bonn health authority contacts us," she said. Although she has not yet had direct contact with the city, other parents have been tested by city employees at home. The test will initially only be carried out on her son. Only if the test is positive will the measures be continued, she was told.

Bonn Fire Department hotline

The city of Bonn intends to announce further information in the course of the day. There is also a hotline of the Bonn Fire Department for those affected, which can be reached by calling 0228/7175. People are asked to ONLY dial 110 or 112 in real emergencies.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health in North Rhine-Westphalia expects an increasing demand for Sars-CoV-2 tests. At present, samples are carried out decentrally in NRW by about 20 certified private laboratories and university laboratories, according to a ministry spokesperson. The physician or the public health department that takes a smear from the respiratory tract of a potentially affected person will decide for themselves which laboratory will then examine the sample.

It is not known how many of the three to four hour analyses are carried out every day. However: "It can be assumed that the number of samples to be examined will continue to increase. Therefore the analysis capacities will be further increased."

The total number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in Germany rose to over 50 on Friday. The states affected are North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and Hamburg, and Schleswig-Holstein. The district of Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia is particularly hard hit. There, the number of those infected had risen to 37 by Friday evening. Original text: By Lisa Inhoffen, Thomas Faßbender and Marcel Wolber Translation: Mareike Graepel