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Construction on Maximilian Center: Closures around Bonn Central Train Station this weekend

Construction on Maximilian Center : Closures around Bonn Central Train Station this weekend

The city ring road in Bonn will be closed on the weekend for the dismantling of a crane at the Maximilian Center. Trams will not go all the way to Bonn Central Train Station.

For those traveling to or near the Bonn Central Train Station this weekend, there will be major disruptions for motorists and tram users. On both Saturday and Sunday, the city ring road will be closed in front of the construction site of the Maximilian Center.

The investor who is building the shopping center, Ten Brinke, said the big crane is being dismantled because it is no longer needed. According to site manager Christian van de Loo, the road closure is necessary because a 500-ton mobile crane has to be used for the dismantling. And that massive crane has to be set up with the help of a second mobile crane. The city of Bonn said that the only location that would accommodate the heavy construction equipment is Maximilianstraße.

Traffic on Wesselstraße driving towards the main train station will be rerouted between 10pm on Friday and early Monday morning. Motorists on Wesselstraße will be redirected to the left via Kaiserstraße or Kaiserplatz and to the street Am Hofgarten. Overall, the work on Maximilian Center is “on schedule”, according to van de Loo. A topping out ceremony is planned for mid-October. City tram passengers will also face some restrictions because of the construction work on the project “Urban Soul.”

The stop “Hauptbahnhof” will be closed to all trams from Saturday until Monday morning at 4am. This closing is due to work on the roof in the area of the entrances to U-Bahn (underground) tracks 1 to 4 at the central station. On these days, there will be no arrivals, departures or changing trams at the central station for lines 16, 18, 63, 66 and 68. All other stops in front of and behind the main station, in particular the bus stops Universität / Markt and Stadthaus, can still be used. Lines 18 and 68 will leave this weekend from Heussallee / Museumsmeile.

Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen

Translation: ck