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52 dogs and 6 cats discovered: Cologne authorities stop illegal transport of animals from Portugal and Spain

52 dogs and 6 cats discovered : Cologne authorities stop illegal transport of animals from Portugal and Spain

On Saturday, Cologne authorities discovered a transporter van illegally carrying live animals from Portugal and Spain. They found 52 dogs and six cats in cages and boxes, frightened and stressed.

Employees of the Cologne Veterinary Department and Public Order Service discovered an unregistered animal transport from Portugal and Spain in the Bocklemünd/Mengenich district of Cologne on Saturday. In a transporter van, they found 52 dogs and six cats, all of them in cages and boxes. According to police, there was a strong smell of urine in the compartment and the animals were frightened and stressed. There also was not enough water and food in all of the cages.

After an initial check, the emergency services handed the animals over to officials from various animal welfare organizations and animal shelters. According to the city, the questionable conditions surrounding the transport will result in further investigations against those responsible and those involved.

The tip about the illegal transport was received by a police station in the Ruhr area early on Saturday afternoon. A woman had called in because she learned the transporter van would be arriving at 4 p.m. in Cologne. Based on this tip, city emergency personnel were on the scene in time for the arrival of the illegal animal transport. Individuals who were there to receive dogs verbally attacked the emergency workers.

(Orig. text: GA / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)