Gate system gets installed Cologne/Bonn Airport limits free parking

Cologne/Bonn · Cologne/Bonn Airport is currently installing a barrier system at the entrance. It means that parking directly in front of the terminals will only be free if a time limit is not exceeded.

Cologne/Bonn Airport wants to better regulate access to the airport in the future. To achieve that, a barrier gate system is being constructed on Kennedystraße directly in front of the airport. It is scheduled to go into operation at the end of the year. The information was obtained by GA upon request. The new system is designed to reduce the traffic load in front of the terminals.

"The airport has to make a noticeable improvement in traffic flow and prevent motorists from illegally blocking restricted areas, lanes and escape routes. At peak times, this leads to massive traffic disruptions in front of the terminals," says Hannah Schneider, deputy spokeswoman for Cologne / Bonn Airport. The new system will work similarly to the existing parking garages and parking spaces. Motorists will be able to get a ticket at the gate and then gain access to the airport.

Once the new gates are installed and in operation, motorists will still be able to park in front of the terminals for free or pick up friends and relatives in the so-called Kiss & Fly lane free of charge, but this option is then limited to a certain number of minutes.

According to the airport, it has not yet been determined how as to what period of time a car will be able to park for free, and what the parking rates are after that time has expired. But the rates are expected to be higher than those in the short term parking lots. The idea is to encourage visitors to use one of those spaces rather than parking directly in front of the terminals. Motorists currently pay €1.50 for ten or 15-minute intervals in the various short-stay parking zones.

At this time, it is the Cologne Ordnungsamt (officers responsible for public order), who monitor the short-term parking areas and hand out tickets for those who violate parking regulations.

Orig. text: Matthias Kirch
Translation: ck

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