Reopening plans presented Cologne Lanxess Arena ends its event lockdown on June 20

Cologne · It looks like the world of entertainment is also opening up again. Cologne's Lanxess Arena has announced that it will have shows, concerts and comedy events again starting on June 20. A specially devised plan for admission and hygiene will make this possible.

 Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

Foto: dpa/Oliver Berg

"Showtime at the Lanxess Arena!" - the management of the largest event venue in the Rhineland and beyond used these words to announce the relaunch of its entertainment schedule. Beginning on June 20, visitors will once again be able to attend concerts, shows and comedy events in the Cologne venue.

Pop singer Wincent Weiss will kick off the opening on Saturday, the 20th of June. According to the Lanxess Arena management, ticket sales for this concert and subsequent events will start on Friday, June 12th.

What does the admission and hygiene plan look like?

According to management, the reopening was made possible by a specially developed plan for hygiene, space utilization and admission. According to the concept, visitors sit inside so-called "cubes", each in their own area. In the lower tier, the seats are divided into blocks of four, each with a distance of 1.5 meters between them. There are signs to mark the way for visitors, designed to prevent too many people from coming into contact with each other, according to management.

Hygiene and disinfecting measures have also been put into place. Visitors are advised on social distancing rules and the obligation to wear face masks when walking around. Management at the Lanxess Arena also promises contact tracing in case of infection.

More information can be fond here:

(Orig. text: Dierk Himstedt, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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