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Investigation into illegal pet trade: Cologne police rescues puppies from fridge

Investigation into illegal pet trade : Cologne police rescues puppies from fridge

The police are investigating four women on suspicion of illegal animal trafficking. During searches in Cologne and Düsseldorf, the officers were able to rescue puppies from a fridge, among other places.

Several young poodle schnauzers, French bulldogs, chihuahuas and Maltese were freed by the police during searches in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Four women aged between 20 and 61 are under investigation on suspicion of illegal animal trafficking. One of the women had crammed four Malteser puppies into an open fridge in her flat in Cologne-Chorweiler.

According to the police, the puppies will now be given into the care of Cologne animal shelters for species-appropriate care. The operation was supported by veterinarians from the Environmental and Consumer Protection Office. The investigations had been set in motion following tips from buyers. These had allegedly discovered chipped and vaccinated young dogs on online sales portals.

The investigations against the four women are still ongoing. In this context, the police expressly warn against spontaneous animal gifts at Christmas. "The purchase of puppies whose origin cannot be traced and which are offered on the Internet or at markets, car parks or other places promotes illegal and above all animal detrimental trade. Animal welfare activists point out that young dogs often suffer torture and are given away before they can eat on their own. Please refrain from such purchases and make very careful enquiries before buying a dog," the police said in their statement.

(Original text: (ga) / Translation: Mareike Graepel)