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Camera cars on the roads: Company takes pictures of Bonn on behalf of the City Council

Camera cars on the roads : Company takes pictures of Bonn on behalf of the City Council

On behalf of the city council, CycloMedia is currently driving cars through Bonn with cameras mounted on the roof. High-resolution panoramic images are produced during the journeys. We explain the background.

Special vehicles are currently on the road on some streets in Bonn city area, whose high-resolution cameras mounted on the roof take 360-degree panoramic pictures of the surroundings. Some GA readers have already noticed the vehicles that resemble Google's camera vehicles, which regularly take pictures for Google Maps in Bonn and the region.

The city of Bonn has commissioned the Wetzlar-based company CycloMedia to take the pictures. The images, also known as cycloramas, are taken with cameras that have a resolution of more than 100 megapixels. As CycloMedia informed the GA on request, they accompanied the city administration and the energy supply company BonnNetz on their way "into the smart energy industry".

The images produced would represent reality almost perfectly. "The possibility of visualization, measurement and planning in the images of reality means for the employees of the companies that work processes can be completed in a more time-saving and cost-effective manner," the company continued. The data can be used to plan house connections and lighting concepts more easily.

It is also easier to preserve evidence during construction work.It is important that the photographs are not published. "They are used exclusively for internal purposes," assures CycloMedia. The vehicles have been on the road in Bonn since 29 July.

By the end of August, all the roads that are to be photographed will have been recorded. The vehicles are each equipped with cameras and laser scanners. The company assures that for data protection reasons all faces and license plates are made unrecognizable. CycloMedia has also digitized cities such as New York and Amsterdam. Original text: Maximilian Mühlens Translation: Mareike Graepel