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Bad Godesberg: Confirmed Corona case in Bonn refugee accommodation

Bad Godesberg : Confirmed Corona case in Bonn refugee accommodation

There is a confirmed case of corona in the Bonn refugee accommodation in Bad Godesberg. This was announced by the district government of Cologne. The accommodation is under quarantine, all other residents are being tested.

In the Central Accommodation Facility for Refugees in Bad Godesberg there is a confirmed infection with the coronavirus. The person affected has been isolated, the contact persons have been identified. This was announced on Tuesday afternoon by the Cologne district government responsible for the accommodation. The facility in Lannesdorf, which currently accommodates 230 people, was closed for 14 days as a precautionary measure, and all residents are now to be tested.

"As soon as the results of the tests are available, any further necessary measures will be determined. At the weekend, a concern telephone helpline has already been set up to inform the residents in their own language about the situation and explain the measures to be taken," the district government said in a statement.

Precautionary measures have also been taken in the facility itself to avoid dissemination. For example, there are now separate walkways, and cleaning and disinfection measures in the sanitary facilities are being increased. Cleaning and security staff have been increased. According to the district government, the measures are being carried out in close consultation with the city of Bonn. In addition, facemasks and disinfectants were issued to residents and employees.

In a refugee shelter in Euskirchen, residents had recently tested positive for the corona virus.

(Original text: Sebastian Fink / Translation: Mareike Graepel)