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Tree felling: Conservationists oppose widening of bike path in Bonn's Rheinaue floodplain

Tree felling : Conservationists oppose widening of bike path in Bonn's Rheinaue floodplain

44 trees are to be felled for the widening of a cycle path in the Rheinaue in Bonn. BUND and Nabu speak out in favor of an alternative bike path

The Bonn nature conservation associations BUND and Nabu see "serious deficiencies" in the city's expansion plans for a wider bike path through the Rhine floodplain on the left bank of the Rhine; among other things, they say, too little has been done to look for alternatives. They doubt that the project can be carried out in accordance with the law. For the council meeting this Thursday, the administration recommends to halt a decision of the nature conservation advisory board against the expansion and to let the district government of Cologne decide as the higher nature conservation authority.

"The associations remind the city councilors that their vote should only be based on aspects of nature conservation. For now it is solely a matter of deciding on the 'justification' of the advisory council's vote," it says. BUND and Nabu have sent a 20-page assessment to the mayor and the parliamentary groups. The main point of criticism against the widening are the 44 trees, which would have to be felled as a consequence. The nature protection associations believe that the promoted cycle track would be nevertheless realizable with "compatible alternatives". These routes can use already existing, mature broad paths also in the Rheinaue.

Original text: Philipp Königs. Translation: Mareike Graepel