Between Nordbrücke and Bonn-Nordost junction Construction site on the A565 will last longer

Bonn · The NRW State Roadworks Agency has provided up-to-date information about the mammoth projects on Bonn’s motorways at busy locations. Further dates are planned for August and September, but there is already bad news.

It can hardly be summed up more casually than by Ruth Hiller from Endenich: “It won't be easy”. She visited the Protestant church pavilion on Friday afternoon at the invitation of theNRW State Roads Agency. The agency is currently travelling through Bonn on behalf of the state with the mobile dialogue van under the motto “Bonn on the move”. The engineers have already carried out two events at the Knaubermarkt and one at the Deutsche Welle and three more are planned for August and September. The goal: to inform the public about the current status of the planned construction on the Bonn motorways.

Hiller inquired about the Endenich junction (the Endenicher Ei), at which preparations for the new bridge are already underway. The distributor should be ready by 2023. According to Friederike Schaffrath of the State Roadworks Agency, a temporary bridge through the middle of the junction will maintain traffic from the end of 2019. Hiller was relieved to note that “this will maintain the flow of traffic”.

The State Roadworks Agency hopes for few complaints

The mammoth tasks of the coming years require more than a concerted approach, which engineer Schaffrath controls as the coordinator responsible for the Bonn motorways. The state agency hopes to gain more understanding through the involvement of the population, combined with the hope of keeping the threshold for complaints as high as possible.

The preparatory channel work will already start in July, explained Schaffrath, and the subsequent construction of the bypass will begin with the installation of replacement bridges by February 2020. During the following new construction until 2023, which will take place because of the three-track extension for the S13 under the bridge, there will be replacement lanes. Nevertheless, backlogs during peak traffic times are to be expected.

Narrow lanes will remain for longer

Schaffrath announced bad news about the ongoing three-lane expansion of the A565 in the section between Nordbrücke and the Bonn-Nordost junction in the direction of Cologne. There, the hard shoulder will be developed into a lane. “Due to the installation of an unplanned retaining wall and a necessary replanning of the drainage system, we will not be finished until the end of the year”, said Schaffrath. Drivers will have to make do with with narrow lanes for the time being.

The state authorities were involved in obtaining planning approval for the centipede, which is to be renewed in three lanes in both directions for more than 200 million euros. It is scheduled to start at the end of 2021, at the latest in 2022. “Don’t make a Berlin airport out of it”, visitor Markus Stieglitz implored. The reactions of the of state agency workers showed that this was not the intention.

(Original text: Philipp Königs, translation John Chandler)

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