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Work on provincial road: Construction work causes traffic chaos in Bonn

Work on provincial road : Construction work causes traffic chaos in Bonn

The repair of the asphalt on the provincial road and the closure of the Lengsdorf driveway are having an annoying effect for motorists: There are long traffic jams - especially in Duisdorf due to a traffic light at the construction site.

The complete closure of the Lengsdorf junction on the A 565 motorway has had a major impact on traffic on the surrounding roads since Monday. Especially on Rochusstrasse, the only way to get to the city centre is by stop-and-go movements. Until Friday, 12 July, obstructions are still to be expected, as announced by the Landesbetrieb Straßen NRW.

They are currently renewing the asphalt on the ailing Provinzialstraße (L 261) - the stretch from Rochusstraße to In der Grächt. "The work will take place in two construction phases, and for the continuous traffic on the L 261, there will always be a lane available for each direction," Werner Engels of Straßen.NRW reports.

The two strips of the provincial road leading in the direction of Bonn are currently closed, and excavators are removing the old asphalt. In oncoming traffic, the cars are led over the adjacent double lane, on which the cars usually drive from Bonn in the direction of Lengsdorf. As a result, the Schieffelingsweg at the confluence has to be closed so that the traffic there can run more or less smoothly.

But the provincial road is not the problem. As was to be seen also on Tuesday, the cars are mainly jammed on the Rochusstraße in direction Endenich. "The whole of Duisdorf was dense in rush hour traffic. The cars stopped completely through the village", said Joachim Creutzer, employee in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Annoyed drivers drive around barriers

This is mainly due to the traffic lights at the corner of Rochusstraße, Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring and Provinzialstraße: These were installed so that the two opposing tracks of Provinzialstraße could be properly threaded into the intersection. A complicated guided tour: "You can't even ride over it by bike," says Creutzer. Accordingly, all driving directions have a longer red colour, which leads to traffic jams.

If you want to get to Lengsdorf from the motorway, follow the detour marked with red dots. This means leaving the north bridge in Endenich from the direction of travel and then taking the Wandersleb-Ring. Conversely, car drivers in Bonn-Hardtberg should leave the A 565 and then drive via Konrad-Adenauer-Damm in the direction of Lengsdorf.Many drivers are annoyed. Drivers have also been observed who nevertheless took the Lengsdorf junction and circumnavigated barriers.

(Original text: Richard Bongartz, Translation: Mareike Graepel)