Cancellations and delays in NRW Continuing problems with rail travel after storm

Bonn/Cologne · After the storm on Sunday, there is currently no train service between Menden and Beuel. There are also still delays and cancellations on a number of other routes in NRW, including between Cologne and Frankfurt.

After the cancellation of train services in North Rhine-Westphalia because of the storm, the first long distance and regional trains started running again on Monday morning. “Commuters should expect delays and keep up to date using the information systems,” said a spokesperson for Deutsche Bahn on Monday morning.

The aftermath of the storm can still be felt in Bonn and the region. The train route between Troisdorf and Bonn-Beuel is currently closed, a rail spokesperson told the GA. The regional train 27 and the regional express 8 are affected. Alternative bus transport has been put in place between Troisdorf and Beuel. On the long distance route between Cologne and Frankfurt am Main, some ICE trains are also still delayed or cancelled.

Much of the damage caused could be repaired during the night so that a “stable service” could be restored for long distance travel. There were still restrictions on routes between Cologne and Dortmund, Altenbeken and Hamm, and between Rosenheim and Kufstein.

In many parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, S-Bahn services and regional trains are also operating again. Substitute taxi and bus services have been set up on some routes. Rail traffic in the most populous state of NRW was halted completely on Sunday afternoon because storm “Eberhard” had blown trees onto the tracks and caused a power failure in the important Essen signal box.

Travellers should find out in advance whether their train is running. Deutsche Bahn is giving information on the current connections and delays on the free number: 0800 0996633.

Original text: with information from the dpa. Translation: kc

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