Christmas markets in the region Corona crisis revives discussion about Bonn winter market

Bonn · Will a winter market follow the Christmas market in Bonn this year? For some time now, there have been proposals to do exactly that and some cities have chosen to go that route. A winter market could help make up for losses incurred due to the corona crisis. But those who operate the stands are not all of the same opinion on the subject.

 A view of the Bonn Christmas market: Once again there is discussion about a winter market to follow.

A view of the Bonn Christmas market: Once again there is discussion about a winter market to follow.

Foto: Volker Lannert

It’s all about the summer holidays right now, but some people are already thinking about Christmas. Local Bonn politician Nicole Bonnie is one of them. The CDU party member is suggesting that the Christmas market extend beyond Christmas this year - in whatever form it will take in light of the corona pandemic. After Christmas, it could simply be called the winter market. The idea found resonance within the Bonn City Marketing Association.

In other cities, it is not unusual that Christmas markets are open until January, as Bonnie explains in her proposal. Keeping the market open longer would be a way to compensate those who operate the stands since many events are canceled. It would also serve to increase the attractiveness of Bonn's inner city. "More and more residents are approaching us and asking us for the chance to stroll comfortably through a Christmas market even after the holidays," explains Bonnie.

Karina Kröber from the board of City Marketing welcomes the initiative. The idea is not new, she says. Several years ago, City Marketing had already discussed with the city administration whether and how the Christmas market could be held for a few more days. For various reasons, however, this had not yet been implemented.

And this year once again, the prospects for extending the Christmas market are rather poor, as evidenced in a response from the City of Bonn. The idea is discussed every year and received differently amongst those who operate the stands, according to deputy city spokesman Marc Hoffmann. Those who run the snack shops and bars were receptive to staying open for a bit longer, but those who operate the craft stands - especially with Christmas-specific products - were strictly against it. Add to that, the district council has already decided to dismantle the market on December 23 - and these plans are already in the making. Bonnie does not view this as obstacle, however, and believes there is still enough time to change that.

As to whether or not there will be a Christmas market at all this year because of the corona crisis, this depends on whether big festive events are permitted again when this time of year rolls around. "We cannot foresee that at the moment.” The administration is currently planning to hold the Christmas market, but is aware of its responsibility to provide planning security for all parties involved in good time. “A final decision has not yet been made," said Hoffmann.

Orig. text: Lisa Hoffman
Translation: ck

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