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Environmental lane in Bonn: Council expects slow traffic on the Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring

Environmental lane in Bonn : Council expects slow traffic on the Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring

How will drivers react if one of the two lanes on the Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring is designated as an environmental lane for buses and bicycles? One in five will avoid it, the city administration believes.

The push for an environmental lane for city buses and cyclists on the Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring and Endenicher Strasse gets traffic discussions in the west of Bonn moving.

In the case of a pilot test, thousands of vehicles would have to push their way into the city in the morning and out again in the evening on just one lane in the direction of the Hardtberg district.

Traffic censuses of the city on the Wandersleb Ring have revealed around 30,000 vehicles a day. There are 22,000 cars on Endenicher Straße.

Some motorists would look for alternative routes if they were convinced by the city administration. In its council bill, it expects up to 6,000 cars to go another way every day. The most congested road would be the Autobahn 565, which will become a congestion candidate in the coming years for the upcoming renewal of the Tausendfüßler.

But the residents and users of Thomastraße, Bornheimer Straße, Endenicher Allee, Am Propsthof and Meckenheimer Allee will also have to adjust to more traffic in this case, according to the administration.

At Stadtwerke Bonn, the attempt is viewed positively: "We would like to participate in it," says spokeswoman Veronika John. However, slow cyclists could slow down bus traffic on an environmental lane. "Pure bus lanes are even better for more speed," says John.

SWB wants more bus lanes

As early as spring 2018, the municipal utilities and the administration had already identified further bottlenecks in an evaluation. A bus lane is also required in Bornheimer Strasse between Brühler Strasse and Lievelingsweg in order to counter delays in scheduled bus services. On Bornheimer Straße between Viktoriabrücke and Alter Friedhof a limitation of individual traffic is planned in the medium term anyway.

SWB wanted further bus lanes on Eduard-Otto-Straße between Bonner Talweg and Hausdorffstraße and on Hochkreuzallee between Bahnstraße and Godesberger Allee.

The citizens of Bonn declared themselves vehemently against the plans for the environmental lane around the Endenich egg. Localleader Marcel Schmitt speaks of an "imposition" and an "actionistic quick shot by CDU, Greens and FDP". Residents living near the alternative routes in Endenich would suffer more from noise and exhaust fumes and motorists would be stuck in traffic jams for even longer. The majority political parties do not seem to factor this "in view of the climate absolutism that is spreading there“.

The administration will present the results of its bicycle traffic census on Endenicher Strasse and Wandersleb-Ring to the Council in autumn. The establishment of an environmental lane will then be put to the vote. Representatives of the large CDU and SPD factions had already spoken positively. The existing cycle paths at Endenicher Ei are to remain in place. Between Jonas-Cahn-Straße and the Viktoria bridge, an environmental lane is only possible in one direction due to lack of space. Towards the city it should remain a bicycle lane.

(Original text: Martin Wein / Translation: Mareike Graepel)